Insider's Guide to Saving Money at the Dentist: A dentist's advice on how to effectively create and keep an amazing smile

Dr. Carson Calderwood

Finally a book that will tell you how to get an amazing smile and save money doing it! The Insider's Guide to Saving Money at the Dentist will show you how to get a smile worth showing off. This book will explain step by step how to choose the best providers, how to determine which dental procedures are right for you, and how to get the best price without doing unnecessary dental work.

The Insider's Guide to Saving Money at the Dentist takes the intimidating subject of dentistry—complete with all the jargon—and explains it in terms you can understand with clear examples. It answers questions such as, "Are fluoride treatments or mercury fillings poisonous?" and "Will I get cancer from my dental x-rays?" It even walks you through the complexities of dental insurance! An absolute must-read for the frugal and informed consumer.

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About the Author

Dr. Carson Calderwood

Dr. Carson Calderwood is a dentist who has made it his lifelong commitment to help bring transparency and simplicity to all of life's complicated and nebulous decisions. He lives in West Seattle with his amazingly intelligent wife and their four spunky children.

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"Be an informed dental patient! This book will teach you all you need to know in order to choose a dentist and to make better decisions about your dental health. Dr. Calderwood deftly blends the medical and financial aspects of dental care with the goal of helping you to get the care that you need at a price that you can afford."

—Jeff Barr, Communications and Digital Media Specialist

"I wish I would have had this book 15 years ago when I first started in the dental industry. In this technological age, more and more customers are choosing to be informed—and this helpful, easy-to-read book is your guide to understanding key concepts of dentistry and how to evaluate dental services and even dentists."

—Peggy Nelson, Director of Dental Services, Arrowhead Cosmetic Dental Laboratory