Cheers for Sereni-Tea

"Sereni-Tea is a leading-edge concept whose time has come! At a time when the world is making it harder to find a 'spot' of serenity, Dharlene Marie guides us towards inner peace and self love, with a 'spot' of tea. Her gift is in making us pause to reflect upon and appreciate the richness of the tapestry we have inside our hearts. This book is one fabulous gift that you should give to yourself and to those you love!"

—Carole Lieberman, M.D. Beverly Hills Psychiatrist, Bestselling Author and Talk Show Host

"The quest for success seems to be an ongoing struggle throughout our society. Dharlene Marie Fahl touches on the core issues of why success seems to elude so many people, and what simple and effective steps can to be taken to ensure it. Sereni-Tea is a "must read" in order to find out. It's well worth your time."

—Michael Peak, Emmy Award Winning Television Journalist, Speaker and Seminar Producer.

"During times that are perceived as troubled or difficult, the greatest defense we have for a recession is going within. In, Sereni-Tea Dharlene Marie shows you how the recesses of your heart and mind will reward you with the purest and richest sense of inner peace and security; for therein lay all your true and infinite resources. Isn’t it worth taking a sip or two to find out? You will enjoy this book – the answers you seek are within."

—September Dohrmann, Vice President & Treasurer of CEO Space

"The power of our every thought determines our choices and shapes our lives. Sereni-Tea, takes you through a gentle process to center your life while simply sipping a daily cup of tea. This book is a catalyst for positive change and an inspirational guide to having more peace with your mind, body, and soul. You will be touched by Dharlene Marie’s gift of words as you journey into your own heart. Profoundly rich! Read this book to nurture your heart – and gift it to those whom you love!"

—Sheryl Roush, Author of Heart of a Woman, Sparkle-Tudes!™

"Sereni-Tea teaches you a practical, quick and easy way to build wellness through self-love, a concept I know professionally to be true. What a fantastic way to do this while sipping tea. If you’re not a tea lover already, you will be soon! Go ahead and try this for yourself—your happier, healthier self." "The Go Doctor,"

—Dr. Karen Lee Paquette,Naturopathic Doctor, Wellness Coach and Author

"Dharlene Marie Fahl embodies the true meaning of self-love. The practice of tea drinking that she purposefully commits to and shares with us in Sereni-Tea is a simple (yet powerful) step we can all take towards filling ourselves up with our own essence of success! You will enjoy this book. Thank you, Dharlene Marie for walking your talk!"

—Tami Walsh, M.A., President, TEEN WISDOM INC.

"REMEMBERING who we are—and realizing that we ARE NOT our credit scores, our cars, our homes, our jobs, etc., IS surely and safely a path to be taken—with slow easy breaths and with one sip at a time. Dharlene Marie helps us to return to ourselves with those breaths of surrender and with the simplicity of TEA. Sereni-Tea is A MUST READ! A MUST DO! A MUST REMEMBER!"

—Ron L. Berry C.E.O., Author, Public Speaker

"It is so critical and vital to the development of our youth that we empower our future generation(s). I fully support Dharlene Marie's ultimate mission when it comes to teens and tweens. Sereni-Tea will help to partially fund her non-profit program that positively addresses childhood obesity. You now have twice as many reasons for enjoying this book."

—Justin Sachs, Best-Selling Author, Founder of the Peak Performance Lifestyles Foundation

"In all my years of drinking and sharing tea, I have seen it put to use in so many wonderful ways. In Sereni-Tea, Dharlene Marie takes you on a journey beyond simply enjoying the beverage, teaching you how tea can help you discover yourself. Each sip does indeed have the power to take you on a voyage of self-reflection and helps to nurture self-love and spiritual growth. Success and love will be different for each and every one of us—but ALL of us deserve both. Take your time and enjoy this book."

—Jane Pettigrew, Author, Tea Consultant and Trainer.

"Dharlene Marie is motivational in promoting health and well being. Her advocacy for teens and their long term health goes unmatched. Her writings here in Sereni-Tea, will inspire your soul, warm your heart and stimulate your mind. Enjoy your moments of peace, your moments of reflection, and above all, the golden delight, we call tea."

—Kristina Wiley, DDS, Linde Lane Teas, LLC

"Stress is a major culprit in our current society which is leading us to some serious health challenges. In Sereni-Tea, Dharlene Marie shows us some very simple techniques that indeed help to reduce and relieve our modern stress levels. You will certainly feel better for having read this book—buy a copy for someone you love who needs it!"

—Roy John Robinson D.C., M.D., Weight Loss Specialist

"The childhood obesity crisis and future health of our children is at risk every day as they grab for fast food choices and park themselves in front of the TV. I am proud to support Dharlene Marie's book, Sereni-Tea and the program she has created for overweight teens and tweens."

—Dr. Christine Wood, Pediatrician, Author.