The Key of Life

Randolph J. Rogers

The Key of Life is a gripping, true story about who we are, why we are here and how we are all connected. And the very essence of that bond of humanity is meticulously documented as you follow the author's quest, first for the truth and then the proof, toward an ending that lovingly reveals itself to be merely the beginning.

What if you could clearly read the "signs" that are constantly surrounding us and in the process unlock the meaning of life—present, past and future? The Key of Life is the book that will open that door for you!

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  • ISBN: 978-0-98-23850-9-8
  • Publication Date: Oct 23, 2009
  • 6 x 9 in., 296 pages
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About the Author

Randolph J. Rogers

Randy Rogers is the president of Telefilm, Inc., a Los Angeles-based production company handling the promotion of Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix, Harry Potter, Pearl Harbor, Batman, Superman, Shrek, and Indiana Jones. A career spanning four decades in newspapers, television and motion pictures—working for and with such companies as NBC News, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal Pictures, MGM, Lionsgate, Sony and DreamWorks—has earned him several Emmy nominations and numerous press club awards.


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"I discovered that Randy's 'hands-on' testimonial to the existence of higher fields of influence would be absorbing and genuine even to the hard-core disbeliever . . . Whatever hell Randy Rogers had to cross to reach his heavenly cause, he took us with him, round trip. And this reader felt the better for it."

—Shirley Jones, actress

"The Key of Life: A Metaphysical Investigation . . . is a very personal and life changing experience. . . . We emerge from it . . . enlightened and inspired. Congratulations, what an accomplishment!"

—Maria Shriver, former First Lady of CA, author of Just Who Will You Be?: Big Question. Little Book. Answer Within.