The Silent Healer

Frank St. Martin

Frank St. Martin has been a healer since childhood. His grandmother feared for his safety if his "gifts" were talked about so he became "The Silent Healer." Throughout his life, Frank has allowed God to work through him to heal himself, other people and animals. His memoir is an adventure into the unknown, where faith, belief and willingness to be a channel for divine healing power result in what many would call "miracles."

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  • Publication Date: Sep 12, 2013
  • 6 x 9 in., 180 pages
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About the Author

Frank St. Martin

At the age of 80, Frank St. Martin is still working and healing others. His credits include: Certified Consulting Hypnotist, 5 - PATH ® Hypnotherapist, 7th Path Self-Hypnosis ® Teacher and Reiki Master. He lives in Taunton, MA.


"Once I started reading the manuscript, I couldn’t put it down."

—Lucille T. Chagnon, M.Ed. Literacy Professor, Rutgers University

"Frank’s story . . . is incredible. The Silent Healer is well worth reading."

—Neil C. Carter. Ph.D. Theological Psychologist

"Frank’s story is a wonderful example of faith in action... He is truly a gifted healer and someone who lives in the flow of life. This is a book we all can benefit from reading."

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